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Understanding Office Dynamics: Different Types of Workplace Interactions pt. 1

According to our research, there are 8 main types of office dynamics. Office dynamics refers to the different ways colleagues interact with each other in a workplace. A workplace environment is affected by different factors such as industry, leadership, people, and location. Understanding the different dynamics you may have with your coworkers can help you have a smoother transition during your internship.

In today’s article, we’ll cover 4 of the different dynamics you need to recognize when starting a new job:

Office Dynamic

Office Dynamic: Hierarchal

In such company structures, priority is given to reporting directly to your superior before reaching out to others. Significant changes or innovative ideas are usually from higher-ranking individuals rather than newcomers.

As an intern, it's natural for your ideas to face challenges in making an immediate impact. Nevertheless, try to embrace the power of sharing your thoughts and insights, for your inputs hold genuine significance and potential.

Office Dynamic: Collaborative

In a collaborative company structure, your ideas are more likely to be heard and put into consideration by your co-workers as collaborating with others offers them different perspectives.

In addition, as an intern, you are more likely to be given more important tasks and are likely to be involved in collaborations with other team members.

Office Dynamic

Office Dynamic: Individual

In this company structure, independence is practiced. Most of the employees in the company figure out their own responsibilities alone instead of together with their colleagues or supervisors.

As an intern, it doesn’t mean that you should refrain from asking essential questions when you need to but rather manage yourself in a better manner to ensure all tasks are completed for the deadline.

Office Dynamic: Traditional

In this company structure, the rules that the company established have been set up for a long time; therefore, changes in the system are most likely not to happen.

As an intern, you may experience a process where, when changes occur, you must go through various protocols involving different ranks within the company. Additionally, a considerable amount of time might be involved before the changes are approved.

Office Dynamic

As an intern, it is always good to be aware of the different office dynamics that exist which will allow you to better position yourself and thrive in a new environment you’re in. Don’t forget to position yourself accordingly when entering a new workplace. Stay tuned for the remaining 4 office dynamics to recognize!


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