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ArtBound Initiative offers scholarships up to $1000 USD. Since 2016, we have awarded $60,000 USD in scholarships to applicants.

Our program has a selected number of scholarships that we offer per quarter. Applicants will be notified at the end of each quarter if they have been selected and will be receiving funding towards their program tuition. Applicants should note that they will be required to confirm their participation in the program prior to being notified of any funding allocation.

Inclusive Scholarship



The scholarship will cover:

- $500 USD of our tuition for our Local & Virtual Programs, or 

- $1000 USD of our tuition for our Global Programs


ArtBound Initiative will award the Ambassador Scholarship to the most qualified participants. Upon enrollment, awardees of this scholarship will act as an ArtBound Initiative Ambassador to raise awareness of our program at their university by completing these projects: 

  • Attend info sessions and connect us with a few contacts at their home university.

  • Follow all our social media platforms and help share important posts, stories and reels to their networks.

  • Create engaging video content about the program, their internship experience and relevant career resources to share on their social media networks.

  • Write an article interview about their experience on two featured websites.




STEP 1: Start your online application

STEP 2: In the essay section, please answer the question below:


If you are awarded the Ambassador scholarship, what are your ideas to promote the program to other students and friends?



  • English language proficiency

  • Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 30

  • Participants must be ready to act as an Ambassador for the ArtBound Initiative program should they get awarded the scholarship.


ArtBound Initiative’s External Financial Aid Guide includes some external resources that are available to help you fund your internship below. Please note that all students should check with their home school and career center for additional grant and scholarship opportunities.

Creative Diversty


General Database: 

  • CollegeBoard’s Big Future Scholarship Search – Free scholarship database for all student 

  • College Scholarships – Free scholarship database for all students

  • Diversity Abroad – Free scholarship database to help underserved students from diverse backgrounds go abroad

  • Fastweb - Free scholarship database for all students

  • Go Abroad – Free scholarship database for all students

  • International Scholarship Search - Free scholarship database for all students

  • Study Abroad Scholarships - Free scholarship database for all students

  • GoOverseas - List of over 60 grants and scholarships to help US students study or intern abroad

  • DiversityAbroad - Diversity Abroad connects minority and underserved students to skill building study abroad programs, internships & graduate school.


For American & Canadian Students: 

  • Institution of International Education – Study abroad funding for U.S. undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students

  • Hostelling International “Explore the World” Travel Scholarship – Scholarship for US students traveling abroad for education, volunteerism or service learning

  • Rotary Club Scholarship – Local Rotary Clubs offer scholarships to support students and their studies, including international experiences

  • Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship - Grant for US undergraduates currently receiving a Pell Grant to study and intern abroad

  • Vectorworks Design Scholarship – Individual students or groups can submit their best design created on any software to win scholarship fund to pay for tuition or study abroad

  • Yconic – A free scholarship database for Canadian students

  • Jack G. Shaheen Mass Communications Scholarship - For Arab-Americans students

  • Arab Student Aid, International - For Arab-Americans students

  • Against the Grain Artistic Scholarship - For Asian-Americans students

  • Asian Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund Scholarship - For Asian-Americans students

  • Asian American Journalists Association Scholarship - For Asian-Americans students (journalism major)


For European Students: 


  • European Funding Guide – Free scholarship database for European students

  • Zibby Garnett Travelling Fellowship - For UK students

  • Erasmus+ Study and Work Abroad Grant – Grant for students in the EU to work in qualified countries (i.e. Berlin, Germany)

  • Aide a la mobilite internationale– Grant for French students


For Australian students:

  • Winston Churchill Trust -  A scholarship for Australian citizens to travel overseas from four to eight weeks to do a research

  • New Colombo Plan Scholarship - A scholarship to study and undertake internships abroad

  • OS Help - Loan to fund overseas study

  • Australian Overseas Foundation (AOF) - Scholarships to travel and work overseas

  • Bicentennial Foundation Scholarship - A foundation which offers 100 scholarships every year



For Asian students:

Asian Cultural Council Individual Grant – Grants to help art professionals and/or graduate/post-graduate students from Asia support their creative project in the US 

APIA Scholarships - Resources for Asian as well as Pacific Islands students

Gov. HK - Government scholarships for students from Hong Kong

Inlaks Scholarship - For Indian students

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarships - For Indian students


For Other Citizenships:

Al Fanar Media Database - Scholarship data base for students from North Africa and the Middle East region

Mandela Washington Fellowship - A fellowship for young African leaders

Don’t forget to check in with your school for additional resources!




Crowdfunding is a way to fund your internship by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. Find tips on how to use your social networks to fundraise and help you cover costs of interning abroad here.


Check out crowdfunding platforms such as GoFundMe, FundMyTravel, GoGetFunding & GoEnnounce


You can also create a t-shirt campaign through Bonfire. It’s a great way to fundraise with donations without any inventory costs, to fund your internship abroad.


Read on for more ideas of what you can do to fundraise here.

Comments or Questions? Let us know how we can help at!

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