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ArtBound Initiative values individuals’ privacy and actively seeks to preserve the privacy rights of those who share information with us.

The following information explains the Internet privacy policy and practices our company has adopted. Our company reserves the right to amend it at any time without notice.



We collect no personal information except when you deliberately send it to us, for example, by sending us an email or applying to our program

When submitting an inquiry or application for our program you are asked to submit:

  • Your name, so we know what to call you

  • Your email address and phone number, so we know how to reach you

  • Your nationality, so we can determine the visa rules applicable in the location of your program/internship host company

  • Your CV/resume, so we can place you in a suitable internship role.

  • When you interview with us, and if you choose to participate in our program, we collect additional information from you in order to provide benefits to you during and after the program. 



When you access our web pages, certain technical information is automatically collected. We analyze aggregate traffic/access information for resource management and site planning purposes. 

Some of our web pages use “cookies.” Usually, a cookie enables a website to tailor what you see according to the way you entered the site (for example, if you entered via a certain link, or if you are using a mobile device).

We also use non-identifying and aggregate information to better design our website. For example, we may determine that the average visitor typically views our website for a certain number of minutes, or that a certain percentage of men vs. women applied to our program. But we do not gather or disclose information that could identify those specific individuals.

Our web pages may use Google Analytics or other similar services to analyze web traffic for design purposes. In such cases, the information described above may be shared with the vendor(s) providing the analytical service. We do not control the privacy policies of these vendors.



When you choose to provide information, we use it to fulfill or respond to your request. We also use this information in aggregate to better understand your interests.

If you are currently or recently enrolled in an institution of higher education, such as a university or college, we may contact that institution in order to ensure that your program is suitably monitored and supported with respect to academic credit, reporting, insurance, institutional policy, and/or any financial aid or discounts which we, or the institution, may agree to apply towards your program or the programs of other students from the same institution (e.g. a group discount.)

We do not share your personal information with any other party, for any purpose, unless

  • Such sharing is required by law, or

  • You have given your permission to share it





By using our website, you consent to this Privacy Policy.


Should you have any questions or requests regarding these privacy policies and practices, please contact us via email at

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