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Understanding Office Dynamics: Different Types of Workplace Interactions pt. 2

In the first part, we talked about the first four different office dynamics that you can find during your internship experience.

Now, we'll dive into the second part of the remaining four office dynamics that you can find in the working world. Understanding these dynamics becomes crucial for interns as it can help them navigate their way through entering a new work environment.

Office Dynamic

Office Dynamic: Innovative

In this company structure, the company is open to receiving feedback from anyone in any position. Such environments are commonly found in smaller or recently established companies that are still experiencing growth.

It's essential to actively contribute your ideas or suggestions while also being mindful of the right time to voice your opinions on a matter.

Office Dynamic: Flexible

For this office setting, there is great flexibility in terms of working hours and locations. Keep in mind that there is always work to be finished regardless of these free restrictions

As interns, you have the option of leaving earlier if your work is done, or working from home, as long as you meet the required deadlines and respond to emails or messages from your supervisor.

Office Dynamic

Office Dynamic: Informal

Informal workplaces are often associated with flexible workplaces. However, maintaining a certain amount of professionalism is crucial. This dynamic is more common in smaller businesses than in larger, more organized companies with a huge workforce.

As interns, you'll probably find opportunities to participate in casual chats with your coworkers in this relaxed office setting. This allows you to connect on matters unrelated to work.

Office Dynamic: Formal

Punctuality is important in these office settings as the structure is designed to uphold professionalism and ensure that all members of the company meet their deadlines. This eliminates late meetings and practices discipline.

As an intern, it's expected that you arrive at work punctually and conclude your day once your designated working hours are completed. Additionally, you may not often engage in non-work-related discussions with your co-workers.

Office Dynamic

Understanding workplace dynamics is critical for interns working in a new office – being conscious of formality, flexibility, effective communication, and teamwork. Grasping these dynamics will enable you to build stronger relationships and navigate your workplace more effectively.


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