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Melissa's Story: Virtual Design Internship

This is Melissa!

She graduated from Swinburne University with a Bachelor of Design in Design Communication. Melissa started her internship journey with Kulturspace, a non-profit studio as a virtual design intern.

Virtual Design Internship

What was it like to work at Kulturspace during your Virtual Design Internship?

I worked with Kulturspace, a non-profit studio run by Justin Merino. The company runs several projects throughout the year, those projects include the LA Fashion Festival and the Berlin Student Film Festival.

Justin and I chose tasks based on my goals and were able to develop & refine several skills I've been wanting to work on. My main tasks during my virtual design internship included managing entries for the LA Fashion Festival, creating flyers for a local Red Cross branch, editing a trailer for the LAFF, as well as performing basic tasks such as checking emails and conducting research.

Virtual Design Internship

Chicago Art Glass Design competition by Kulturspace

What sort of influence did the internship have on your career path?

This internship has taught me so much about myself and has given me the confidence I need to push myself more creatively and professionally.

It’s helped build on my work ethic both from a business and a work-from-home standpoint. It has provided insight into how to work as a professional, not as a student, and highlighted what skills are valuable in the workplace – especially in a virtual setting (like clear communication, self-management, etc). Working with Kulturspace has pushed me and challenged me into building skills that I would have otherwise ignored and have developed these skills, and my own confidence to achieve results I hadn't expected. Thanks to this internship, I have grown as a designer, and am utilizing this new insight in my studies and building towards my career, in the near future.

Virtual Design Internship

Melissa's personal design work

What did ABI help with the most?

ABI has given me the tools to succeed in this industry, the program was super insightful on how to start in this industry and make an impact. I found the coaching and mentoring invaluable for my growth, and confidence. The training provided a reflection on my strengths and how to build on my weaknesses to become more well-rounded. The feedback on my portfolio was honest and refreshing resulting in a collection of works I am proud of, that show off my strengths. The ABI team has been approachable and knowledgeable and stays in touch throughout the internship journey, so you always feel supported.

ABI gave me the tools to succeed in this industry. The team were always very supportive throughout the process!


Design Internship | Kulturspace


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