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Matthew's Story: Digital Marketing Internship in Melbourne

This is Matthew!

Matthew graduated from Monash University in 2021 with a Bachelor of International Business and a Bachelor of Business. He also completed a Master of Strategic Communications and Management at Monash. During his master's studies, Matt secured a digital marketing internship at Pitch Agency Melbourne and was subsequently hired as a Performance Specialist.

Digital Marketing Internship

Tell us more about your Digital Marketing Internship!

My internship was with Pitch Agency, a startup branding agency with a focus on digital marketing campaigns. The company was fairly new, just started in 2020 amidst the pandemic, with a team of around 15-20 people. I was the first intern they’ve ever taken on so it was a learning process for both of us, which is very exciting as it brings a lot of opportunities in terms of where the internship might lead to.

I was working as a digital marketing intern, I mostly helped the team with doing various competitor analyses and market research for the clients that we have, as well as how well the client is doing in their social media presence through branding audits. Other than marketing tasks, I also helped with various ad-hoc stuff, such as helping the IT department with maintaining the CRM platform to keep track of their client database.

Digital Marketing Internship

How did this internship impact your career?

I think this internship will help me put my best foot forward in the digital marketing and startup industry, where I’m hoping I could make a career in, once I’m done with my postgraduate study and transition to a full-time position in the company. I’ve also gained a lot of knowledge and inside into the business from my superiors, the CEO and CFO of the company which I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with and learn from, which no doubt would be useful for my career and a valuable asset.

Digital Marketing Internship

What was the most rewarding this about this experience?

I think the most exciting highlight and achievement from the whole experience was when I was offered a junior position to work under the paid performance department while I finish my postgraduate degree, with the chance to transition to full-time and get sponsored for a Permanent Resident visa to ensure my stay in Australia in the long run.

This was beyond my wildest expectations as it was really difficult for some of my friends to get a sponsorship, with a lot of them ending up having to go back to their home country.

Digital Marketing Internship

ABI has helped me become a better candidate for companies, especially with their coaching which hones my interview skills and helps to connect myself with the right network. It was through ABI that I got the chance to get this internship and later got hired.

Matthew Digital Marketing Intern | Pitch Agency


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