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Lucrezia's Story: Social Media and PR Internship in New York

This is Lucrezia!

Lucrezia graduated from Università Ca’ Foscari, Italy majoring in Art History and Art Management. Once she graduated, Lucrezia did an internship at Fashion Snoops, a fashion trend-forecasting agency based in New York City.

Social Media and PR Internship

Tell us more about your internship!

For my social media and PR internship, I was placed for a six-month internship at Fashion Snoops, a Trend forecasting agency based in New York City.

During my internship I worked in the Culture team on many reports, having the opportunity to write and be published on their website. Along with that I also spent a lot of time in research, assisting in macro-trends forecasting for 2024.

Social Media and PR Internship

In what ways do you believe this internship has influenced your career?

With this internship, I discovered my passion for writing and developed a lot of extremely useful skills for the work industry. Thanks to all the practice and connections I was able to do, I’m sure this internship will open a lot of doors for me in the creative field.

Social Media and PR Internship

Lucrezia and fellow ABI Intern, Georgie

What kind of support did ABI give?

ArtBound Initiative made this all process possible. Even before starting the internship, they made sure I was ready to enter the work industry, training me on fundamental skills and answering my every doubt.

Moving to a different country I felt safe knowing that Artbound was backing me up not only with all the needed documentation but also advising me with areas of the city to go to, and places to visit. With Artbound I found a community of trustworthy people that help each other in the work industry, sharing thoughts, dreams, and ideas.

Social Media and PR Internship

ABI made me live all the best aspects of this transition, work in the city of my dreams, and be a safety net that I can always count on.


Social Media & PR Internship | Fashion Snoops


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