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June's Story: Design Internship in New York

This is June!

She graduated from Pratt Institute and received the Creative Diversity Scholarship for her Summer 2021 internship from ArtBound Initiative. Through the program, she interned at Code and Theory, a digital-first agency in New York, and continued as a Junior Designer for 5 more months before joining the renowned company, Apple, as a full-time designer.

Design Internship

Tell us more about your Design Internship!

At my internship, I worked as a design intern for Code and Theory, a digital-first agency located in the World Trade Center, NYC. During my time at Code and Theory, my work primarily focused on product design for various clients, spanning from finance and editorial to cosmetics.

Being a visual designer at Code refined my skills in UI design and allowed me to gain a better understanding of the workflow between interaction experience designers, strategists, producers, and copywriters.

Design Internship

Collages created by June for Noir

How did this internship experience help you in your career?

The internship opened up a world of outstanding designers and thinkers, and I was able to collaborate and connect with so many wonderful individuals. Not only could I develop my skills in UI/UX, but I also got to witness the work and thought processes of many creative individuals. Working at Code enabled me to transition from a student mindset to a professional one in the most seamless and enjoyable way possible.

Design Internship

June's design works

How did ArtBound Initiative help you?

ArtBound Initiative prepared me with the ins and outs of how agencies and the professional world operate, so it wasn't a major shock when I entered as an intern. I was provided with the resources and knowledge to navigate different situations, especially concerning direct communication with my co-workers.

Throughout the internship, ArtBound continued to support me with personal check-ins and introduced me to other creatives who are in a similar stage as me.


Design Internship | Code & Theory

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ArtBound Initiative is a fee-based global internship program for creatives. We prepare students for their careers through an online coaching curriculum and by helping them secure an internship in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Berlin, Melbourne, and Sydney. With an expansive network of leading creative companies, our program provides access to creative industries that are notoriously insular.

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