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Essential Animation Resources for Students

In today's entertainment landscape, animation has become a sought-after field, especially among young people, because it's needed a lot for streaming sites, used in many different jobs, and the rising popularity of things like games and virtual reality.

To help animation students and young creatives navigate this industry, we've compiled a list of 10+ animation career resources.

Animation Resources for Students

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Career/Job Boards

A job board that offers freelance opportunities in the creative industry, including animation and motion graphics.

The professional VFX & Animation platform. Connecting, supporting, and educating across Film & TV, Games, Advertising, and Mixed Reality.

Showcases animation jobs for 2D Animators, 3D Animators, and Storyboard Artists in the USA, the UK, and all over the World.

Job boards that specifically cover job openings at Disney, ranging from Animation to Production roles.

Offer aspiring artists the opportunity to hone their artistic skills while working on our 2D and CG animated television shows.

They showcase available animation positions, including CG, Story, Technical Direction, and many more.

Networking platform that catered towards animators and provides extensive job listings.

Animation Resources for Students


Professional Development Resources

An industry-led body that supports talent with apprenticeships, career development programs, and training in Film & TV Production and animation.

The online school for Animation, Visual Effects, and Game Design.

A learning platform for animation that provides courses, ranging from beginner to advanced level.

Providing extensive content in 3D character or concept development.

Offers online video courses ranging from different topics, including animation.

Animation Resources for Students

Source: CG Spectrum

Websites and Cultural Resources

Largest animation-related publishing group that caters to the international animation community, providing news and networking opportunities in the industry.

Browse thousands of the world’s top film festivals and creative contests, and submit your work through this platform.

Animation Resources for Students


If you or someone you know is exploring the possibility of learning and entering the animation industry, our list of animation resources for students and aspiring artists is designed for you. Whether you're taking your first steps or seeking to enhance your skills, these resources can be instrumental in breaking down barriers and navigating the dynamic world of animation.

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