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Email Etiquette 101: How to Write Better Emails

Email Etiquette

In the professional world, email communication is a daily necessity, used for various purposes such as scheduling interviews, receiving a job offer, sending internship inquiries, and facilitating networking opportunities. Here are some rules in email etiquette, and tips on tackling the different types of professional emails you might encounter during your internship or job search:

Email Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts


  • Subjects should be short yet specific and clear

  • Use salutations and introduce yourself if you haven't already

  • Triple-check your content before sending the professional email

  • Ensure any attachments are relevant (including the file name)

  • Reply to all relevant emails and double-check whether you've missed any


  • Avoid using emojis

  • Avoid using all capital letters for a word

  • Avoid using more than one punctuation mark (example: !!! or ???)

  • Avoid making a new email thread if the subject hasn't changed, it might confuse the other party

Types of Email Communication

Interview Email

  • Mention the times you'll be available

  • Follow up on a matter with a suitable time gap (1-5 business days)

  • Remember to send a thank you email as soon as possible

Receiving a Job Offer Email

  • Be excited (but professionally) if you are accepting the job

  • Take the initiative to ask whether there are any additional steps you need to take.

  • If you are declining the job offer, say thank you and promise to keep in touch for future opportunities

Internship Email

  • Before the Internship: Be proactive, ask about the company's location (what floor the office is on), the time you would be arriving on your first day, and other details

  • After the Internship: Send a personalized email to the people involved during your internship and show your gratitude for their help

Networking Email

New Connections

  • Do a proper introduction and mention your intention politely

  • Find a common ground (for example: if you both have the same alma mater, mention it)

  • Mention where you found their contact (for example I got your contact from ___, who worked with you previously)

Past Connections

  • Be polite despite knowing them, and ask how they've been doing in the times you didn't meet

Email Etiquette

To sum it up, emails are a fundamental tool for professional communication today. Whether you're scheduling an interview, receiving a job offer, making internship inquiries, or networking, following email etiquette with clear subjects and polite language is crucial. These professional email skills are key to building and nurturing valuable connections in your career.


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