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Collin's Story: Virtual Digital Media Internship

This is Collin!

After finishing his degree at George Washington University, Collin wanted to explore and work in the creative industry. To open up more opportunities, he joined the ArtBound Initiative program. Collin did a virtual internship in digital media with Prosper Digital TV, a full-service video production and helps purpose-driven brands connect with their audience.

Digital Media Internship

Please describe your daily tasks during your Digital Media Internship!

My daily routine at the internship was dynamic and centered around supporting 'The Nugget Podcast.' Each day began with checking emails and messages for any urgent matters. I would then work on various tasks, including content creation for social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as drafting engaging captions and coordinating with guests for collaboration opportunities.

Digital Media Internship

Some of the studios at Prosper Digital TV

I also spent time researching potential collaborators, reaching out to them, and strategizing ways to expand the podcast's reach. Additionally, I curated content from past episodes and created engaging video clips for promotional purposes. Moreover, I actively engaged with the audience by responding to comments and messages on social media platforms, helping to foster a sense of community. I also contributed to the podcast's directory by collecting and organizing guest information. Overall, my daily routine involved creative content creation, outreach, collaboration, and audience engagement, all aimed at promoting 'The Nugget Podcast' and achieving our goals.

Digital Media Internship

How was the working environment as a virtual intern?

The virtual internship had a warm and welcoming atmosphere despite being remote. It balanced professionalism with a friendly, casual vibe that encouraged open communication and collaboration. Regular team meetings helped build strong connections among team members, fostering a sense of belonging to a close-knit community.

Digital Media Internship
Digital Media Internship

Some of Prosper Digital TV's clients

In what way has this experience helped your professional goals/long-term career?

The most enjoyable and rewarding aspect of my internship was the opportunity to contribute to meaningful projects that aligned with my career interests. I found it particularly useful to work in a collaborative environment where I could apply and expand my skills, all while learning from experienced professionals.

My internship has certainly exceeded my expectations in several ways. It provided me with valuable hands-on experience in content creation, social media management, and collaboration with a diverse team. These skills and experiences will significantly contribute to my professional growth and long-term career aspirations in the field of content creation and digital marketing. Working closely with various team members and guests of 'The Nugget Podcast' expanded my network and gave me insights into the industry that will undoubtedly be beneficial in my future endeavors.

Digital Media Internship

How would you describe the way ArtBound Initiative helped you the most?

ArtBound Initiative has been instrumental in my professional growth during my internship with PDTV. The program's commitment to nurturing emerging talent and fostering a global creative community has greatly contributed to my career development.

ArtBound Initiative provided me with industry insights, tailored placement, professional development support, and invaluable networking opportunities.


Digital Media Internship | Prosper Digital TV


Interested in the program but don't know where to start? Check your eligibility here!

ArtBound Initiative is a fee-based global internship program for creatives. We prepare students for their careers through an online coaching curriculum and by helping them secure an internship in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Berlin, Melbourne, and Sydney. With an expansive network of leading creative companies, our program provides access to creative industries that are notoriously insular.

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