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Caroline's Story: Animation Internship in Melbourne

This is Caroline!

She is a graduate of the University of Technology Sydney, having earned a Bachelor of Design degree in Animation. After successfully securing an animation internship at Milkman Agency, Caroline continued to work with the agency, transitioning into a part-time role that spanned an additional year.

Animation Internship

Can you explain about your Animation Internship at Milkman Agency?

I was placed with Milkman Creative Agency in Melbourne, and they work on a variety of projects in branding and advertising for their clients who range from local restaurants to international companies.

During my animation internship at Milkman Creative Agency in Melbourne, I worked on storyboarding, animating, and illustrating for a variety of projects, ranging from different social media platform posts to TV commercials.

Animation Internship
Animation Internship

Delivery (2021) a visual animation/animation created by Caroline

In what ways do you believe this internship will influence your career?

This animation internship provided me with an incredible opportunity to take my first step in the industry. I had the chance to work on projects in a professional environment, receiving valuable feedback from clients and seniors. Simultaneously, I was able to build up my portfolio, enhancing my prospects for future jobs and opportunities.

Animation Internship
Animation Internship

Rhythms of the Moon (2021) by Caroline Huang

What did ABI helped you with the most?

Artbound was helpful in taking care of all the admin work behind the scenes, reaching out to companies as well as providing workshops on writing resumes and interview training to help me land an internship and then subsequently prepare me for my internship.

Artbound Initiative handled everything for me, such as company outreach, while also providing resume writing workshops and interview training. Their invaluable assistance helped me secure and excel in my internships.


Animation Internship | Milkman Agency

Check out more of Caroline's work in her website here


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