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Amira's Story: Studio Art Internship in Berlin

This is Amira!

She graduated from Oxford Brookes University majoring in Fine Arts Drawing. After joining the ArtBound Initiative program, Amira landed a Studio Arts Internship with the Berlin-based artist, Katharina Forster.

Studio Art Internship

What was your Studio Art Internship like? What were your responsibilities?

I interned with Katharina Forster in Atelier Vulkanfiberfabrik in Werder, Berlin. The Vulkanfiberfabrik is directly located on the banks of the river Havel, and this epic space now houses 16+ artists from every creative discipline.

Katharina is a multidisciplinary artist. Finding new purposes for mundane objects that have already fulfilled their original purpose, and introducing these objects to other found objects to form something new. Katharina’s works draw connections to current issues, and both medium and meaning constantly fold back into each other.

Studio Art Internship

Studio Art Internship

Katharina happily encouraged my input and initiative, and I was valued for having my own experiences and knowledge to help support her ideas.

My daily tasks would range drastically day-to-day, from assisting practically, helping make and create Katharina’s epic sculptures, or documenting pieces, creating and managing Katharina’s social media, and assisting with events and projects! The pace and interchanging assignments suited me perfectly, as every day was different and exciting.

Studio Art Internship

How did ABI support you?

Up until my internship with ABI at the Atelier Vulkanfiberfabrik, I had never been in an environment housing so many successful practical creatives. I was inspired daily, by all the exceptional artists, and creatives I met in the studio and through ABI.

Throughout my initial coaching sessions I was advised to ‘double up on my online brand’, at the time I did not understand the relevance of this, however, a year on, this advice has given me the motivation to manage myself as a brand, my social media presence, and creating a portfolio across numerous platforms that have elevated me hugely!

ABI 's coaching sessions helped me elevate my branding and portfolio - to self brand myself for my future career.


Studio Art Internship | Katharina Forster


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ArtBound Initiative is a fee-based global internship program for creatives. We prepare students for their careers through an online coaching curriculum and by helping them secure an internship in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Berlin, Melbourne, and Sydney. With an expansive network of leading creative companies, our program provides access to creative industries that are notoriously insular.

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