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ABI Profile: Zimo


studies Communication Design at Parsons School of Design. Zimo then interned at META and Vellum Los Angeles as a Design Intern.

I was very lucky to participate in two internships with both Meta NY and Vellum LA, a creative company and an NFT gallery.

I was given tasks such as brainstorming mood boards and branding mock-ups at Meta, it was mainly based on creativity and aesthetics and the process was fun and challenging; and for Vellum I was creating social media content, posters and other necessary materials for gallery exhibitions, it was cool to work with other talented artists’ works and seeing my design posted on their IG/Twitter page really gave me a boost in confidence.

Exhibition by META

These were the first couple of internships I have had and as a starting designer it’s needless to say how important the experiences mean to me. It’s a great test to see if my effort from my past training at school had worked out and also an essential transition that everybody has to face entering their corresponding professional field.

Also not to mention the connections I had made with other creatives from both companies and how that would benefit both me and them. I successfully landed a part-time job at Vellum after the internship as well and I’m super glad about this opportunity I was provided with.

Courtesy: Instagram @vellum_LA

It really helped me as a young design school graduate so much as ABI guided me in to the right direction. I wouldn't have made it this far without the program. The training definitely played a big part given that I didn't even have a designer portfolio website prior to that, my resume was also crafty and way less eye-catching.

During the meetings some of the ABI alumni shared their stories which I found really engaging, it’s always nice to hear from someone in a similar position and learn from them. Plus I’m grateful that I had the support I received during the company search level as well as preparing for the interviews, it saved me a lot of time and energy so I could utilize my time critically and meaningfully, and I just want to say thank you to all the ABI team members once again.

I am very grateful for the support given by the ABI Team. I successfully landed a part-time job at Vellum after my internship!


Intern | Vellum LA & META

See Zimo's work here or check his Instagram here


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