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ABI Profile: Olivia


graduated in May 2021 from Deakin University, where she was majoring in Communications. Olivia then interned at Soda Communications, a PR agency based in Sydney.

What does your day-to-day life look like at SODA?

Depending on what is going around for the week, my daily tasks vary from writing for our client's social media content, sourcing images, researching, and organizing brand send-outs. I was also involved in the execution of some cool events!

Olivia and some of Soda's team

How did ArtBound Initiative help you?

This internship allowed me to understand the industry, refine key skills, learn from a fantastic group of colleagues, as well as explore my career direction.

ABI has been, and continues to be, an incredible source of support, offering invaluable guidance as I navigated the process of selecting an internship agency.


Social Media Internship | SODA Communications


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