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ABI Profile: Mikayla


is a student from Washington State University where she is majoring in English Pre-Law. She did a remote internship at Warp Records in the Summer 2021.

"My internship was with Warp Records in Brooklyn, NY. Warp Records is an indie record label that started in London, England and has expanded to New York and Los Angeles. They work with various artists, across many different genres on the development of their newest projects and releases."

"Some of the artists on their roster include: Yves Tumor, Aphex Twin, Kelela, Squid, and so many more. My main role as the Digital Marketing Intern was to gather user generated content and develop campaign strategies from the research that was conducted."

Some of the artists managed under Warp Records

"This internship introduced me to the behind the scenes aspect of the music industry and how progressive and fast paced it is. The amount of knowledge that I gained from my peers in this internship has positively impacted my future in the field of music as I was given information that truly inspired me to develop a greater appreciation for the work that is done. This internship has allowed me to develop an extensive network that will jumpstart my future career to a greater capacity."

"In becoming a recipient of the Ambassador scholarship from ArtBound, this definitely helped me in so many ways, not just financially, but mentally as well. It was their believing in me and guidance to a better version of myself, that has allowed me the opportunity to become fully immersed in such a large and mainstream industry. ArtBound’s coaching has prepared me for my future career in the music industry."

Read more about ArtBound Initiative's virtual internships here.

ArtBound Initiative is a global internship program in the creative industry. We offer internships in art, architecture, design, film, tv, theater, fashion, communication, marketing and more. We offer virtual internships and internships abroad in 5 locations: New York, Berlin, Sydney, Melbourne and Hong Kong. Read more about our internship program at ​

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