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ABI Profile: Jasmine


holds a Bachelor degree in Visual Communication from University of Technology Sydney, Australia. She did an internship with MoreSleep in Berlin in the Fall of 2020.

"My design internship was based in Berlin with a creative agency named MoreSleep. MoreSleep specializes in branding, web design and strategy. My daily tasks involved morning ‘stand-up’ meetings where we would meet with the team online from our home office and outline our to-do’s. "

MoreSleep's Office in Berlin

"My to-do’s often involved assisting with a major web design project for a Berlin-based real estate agency. From the preparatory work such as defining the moods and art direction, to the UI design in the Figma software. Once this web design project was somewhat finalized, I proceeded with designing the social media assets and templates to go along with the new website launch."

"Every Friday evening, we would have our online version of ‘Friday drinks’ from home office, where we would engage in trivia or drawing activities.

This internship will impact my career in the sense of having a better definition of what I want to strive for in terms of design specialization. It’s also made a positive impact by having the opportunity to upskill with different design softwares. Along with being able to participate in and understand the operations of a creative agency - equipping me with the communication skills and knowledge needed if I were to work for one in the future."

MoreSleep and Freunde von Freunden's podcast series in collaboration with MINI Cooper

"ArtBound Initiative were very supportive throughout the whole journey. Initially, the preparatory work really set me up to obtain such a cool internship, and Laura was there to provide great mentorship, guidance and positive energy.

When arriving in Berlin, Jana was quick to organize meet-ups, allowing me to somewhat establish myself comfortably in Berlin. Overall, ArtBound Initiative were great to have by my side."

Jasmine during an outing in Berlin

MoreSleep's Rooftop Space

See some of Jasmine's work at

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