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ABI Profile: Jack


is currently studying Arts Management and History of Art at The Ohio State University. Jack did an internship at HUA International Gallery in Berlin in the Summer of 2021.

"Through May, June, and July, I worked as a Cultural Management Intern at HUA International Gallery in Berlin. HUA International is known for its international reach, having locations in both Berlin and Beijing. Being a relatively young gallery, they have recently been focused on gaining a larger presence in Berlin through applications to Gallery Weekend, Art Fairs, and shows."

"In Beijing, they are much more prominent since they have a great location in the renowned 798 Art District in the heart of Beijing. HUA International's artistic focus is growing in the direction of performance art, alongside installation art. Additionally, HUA is committed to highlighting younger artists with limited exposure. This created a very interesting environment for me to work in, and I quickly learned the intricacies of operating two galleries in two countries, across three languages."

One of the Installation at HUA International's Exhibition

"While I was there, my main responsibility was writing texts for our shows, descriptions of artists, and the conceptual ideas, and history behind our artists/shows. Having a background in the history of art, writing these texts was the most exciting and challenging aspect of my internship. Additionally, I accrued a range of other tasks like writing emails, editing photographs, creating layouts of our shows, attending gallery openings and visits, creating databases of VIPs, taking photographs and videos, and much more."

"Before this summer, my previous internships have been at non-profit arts organizations. Working in a commercial gallery for the first time widened my knowledge of the art world, and being in a for-profit environment allowed me to juxtapose my experiences through a new lens."

"I had more responsibility at this internship than in all of my past internships. Being trusted enough to work on challenging texts put me in a position where I had to be sure of myself and pour all of my efforts into them. The impact of this internship has been confidence. Not just in myself, but in my abilities as a writer, manager, and professional. Working in Berlin has ripened my knowledge of art and revealed confidence and fierceness I don't think I would have found in my home state of Ohio."

Jack with fellow ABI Berlin crew, Ally and Ari

"I think ABI gave me an international internship I would have never have been able to receive. They helped me the whole way, and made being in a new country approachable. With the network, I was able to make really close friends with both current and past ABI participants, which made arriving in Berlin very comfortable. After the internship, I know that I have access to an incredible, international network of artistic minded people and I would have never gotten that anywhere else."

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