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ABI Profile: Dena


is studying Computer Animation at Ringling College of Art & Design. Dena then landed a remote internship at The Studio NYC as an Animation Intern.

My remote internship was at The Studio NYC, a media studio in New York City. They do everything from Animation to Live Action to Illustration for a variety of corporate clients from Disney to Comedy Central. As for me, I was primarily working in their animation department. There I worked with the Creative Director and Head of Animation to create 3D Visual Development Assets, specifically in the form of character costumes, that were to be used in a Pitch for a children's television show.

Dena's work

This internship has given me the crucial opportunity of developing unique skills as an artist that I think can only really grow in a professional setting. Such as: time management, communication, and following someone else’s creative vision. These are not skills that can really be honed in an academic setting like College, so the fact I could have the chance to grow these skills organically in this sort of setting has been extremely crucial to me.

Even more important, this internship has given me the chance to network and form long lasting connections with professionals who are already in the industry. Studio NYC was an extremely welcoming and friendly environment, and I feel as though I was able to really not only get to know but also befriend my higher ups. I feel genuinely supported by all the advice they gave me that I can take with me to my future education, and I feel secure in the fact that I know I can always continue connecting with them for support and feedback beyond just the internship.

Animation for Hinge. Courtesy of The Studio NYC

The way I found that ArtBound helped me the most, is by providing me connections with people who were already professionals in the industries that I wanted to enter. They already have the years of experience, that allows them to know what is the best thing to put on your résumé and your portfolio, meaning you can quickly create the best website and resume that you can possibly make, and that is all thanks to ArtBound and the opportunities it gives.

Not to mention, they also personally review your work through the coaches which means you can feel more secure about your work and your professional job seeking prescience long term.

ABI helped me most in providing me the connection with industry professionals.


Animation Intern | The Studio NYC

See Dena's portfolio here.


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