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ABI Profile: Cheng


is an Architecture graduate from Monash University, Australia. Cheng did an internship with Design Strategy Architecture in Melbourne in the Summer of 2020.

"I was placed with Design Strategy Architecture. Design Strategy Architecture is a boutique architecture firm in Melbourne focusing mostly on residential architecture."

Design Strategy Architecture works across architecture, interior design and urban design – a unique multidisciplinary mix that unlocks the social, economic and cultural value of projects. They combine their design expertise with capabilities in strategy and research and regularly collaborate with experts from complementary fields.

The early stage of Cheng's physical model-making project during his internship

"My main tasks and responsibilities are assisting with any task on hand such as making physical models and producing drawings. I was mostly working from home, but I have had the opportunity to attend a few site visits during my time as an intern."

"This internship has helped me get a foot in the door to gain exposure to working in a real life environment and interact with professionals. This has impacted my career by helping me develop and apply soft and hard skills into the workplace."

One of DS Architecture's multi residential project in Melbourne

"ABI has helped me the most via overcoming the chasm from university life to the work environment. This is especially valuable to me given that my university degree does not have placements as part of the course."

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