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ABI Profile: Caroline


is a Masters student from Glasgow Caledonian New York College, majoring in Risk, Resilience, and Integrity. Caroline holds a bachelor degree in Fashion Business Management from Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. She is currently doing a traineeship at People, Ideas and Culture in New York.

"I was connected to People, Ideas & Culture (PI&C), a progressive creative agency based in NYC and Milan that emphasizes brand empathy and focuses on the triple bottom line: people, planet, and prosperity."

"My role was as a creative strategy intern, and I was immersed into client projects that crossed a variety of industries. My main responsibilities include research for brands, competitors, demographics, and market; I also have been developing creative briefs and strategy decks that are presented to our internal Creative team and for clients as well."

Caroline also works as a freelance stylist

"This internship has been a crucial turning point in my career that has expanded my interests beyond the fashion industry which was my main field. I've also been able to adapt to this new role by utilizing past skills in order to grow as a creative strategist - a position that was fairly unknown to me before the internship but now I feel as if an entire new world has been opened up to me."

PI&C Office in New York

"I'm so excited for this next step in my career and so grateful for an amazing mentor like Domenico Vitale who has been making sure that I understand the ins-and-outs of being a strategist."

"ABI has taught me to never limit myself, and to keep reinventing myself as my career continues to evolve. By being connected to this network, I'm continuously inspired by all of the people that I've met so far and the impactful presence international students and creatives have on their respective industries."

Caroline with fellow ABI member, Yosel

"I'm so grateful for the personal mentorship and guidance provided by Laura and Ginda, and the welcoming hangouts facilitated by our Program Coordinator Gerardo."

Check out a Caroline's work at

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ArtBound Initiative is a global internship program in the creative industry. We offer internships in art, architecture, design, film, tv, theater, fashion, communication, marketing and more. We offer internships abroad in 6 locations: New York, London, Berlin, Melbourne, Sydney and Hong Kong. Read more about our internship program at


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