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5 Ways to Take Initiatives as an Intern

Being proactive and taking initiative means more than just doing extra work beyond your assigned tasks; it also involves finding things to do independently. Sometimes, you might not have much work to do, especially if your manager is absent or busy.

Ways to Take Initiatives

When starting your internship, it's essential to be prepared to put in the effort. However, if you find yourself with limited tasks, seize opportunities to demonstrate initiative. Here are some actions you can take to proactively show initiative during your internship:

1. Marketing Analysis

Marketing plays a pivotal role in any company. Here's one way to boost your marketing efforts.

During your downtime, conduct social media and marketing analytics to identify areas where your marketing channels are either effective or not. Examine your records and observe the performance of various marketing channels, such as social media and Google Ads.

Are there any marketing channels that aren't performing optimally? Are there any that are excelling? Consider how you can improve the channels that aren't gaining much traction.

Ways to Take Initiatives

2. User Analysis

Review the company website from a user's perspective. Identify any challenging or user-unfriendly aspects, as well as any missing information. Consider how the user experience can be enhanced. Are you able to find all the information you're looking for?

If you encounter any issues on the platform, compile a brief report outlining potential solutions. While your suggestions may not be implemented, it's a valuable way to demonstrate your interest in the company!

3. Internal Process

Proactively assess your internship role by observing your daily tasks and responsibilities. Identify areas where processes could be more efficient and where details might be slipping through the cracks.

Explore potential tools or resources that could streamline your workflow. Connect with team members to understand their processes and gather insights.

If you identify improvement opportunities, discuss them in your next team meeting or with your supervisor, recognizing that not all suggestions may be adopted.

Ways to Take Initiatives

4. Learning from Teams

If you find yourself with some downtime, make the most of it by learning from your coworkers and other departments. Be proactive in setting up meetings with your team members, whether one-on-one or in small groups. Prior to these meetings, prepare thoughtful questions such as inquiring about their career journeys, key aspects of their roles, and their favorite projects.

If your supervisor approves, don't hesitate to reach out to other managers to offer your assistance. This way, you can expand your knowledge beyond your own department.

5. Create SOP

If there isn't already an SOP in place for specific projects or processes, take the initiative to create your own. For example, if you find that you need to follow a series of steps and obtain approvals before sending something to a client, document those steps in detail.

Likewise, if you regularly update various databases, make sure to list those tasks as well. If you have the opportunity to collaborate with other teams or work on different projects, take notes on their processes. Periodically review your personal SOP and strive to understand the significance of each step and its contribution to the business. Even if your SOP is primarily for personal use, it remains a valuable tool to track and optimize your team's workflow.

Ways to take initiatives

As we continue our exploration of internship success and ways to take initiative, remember that being proactive can make a real difference. Taking initiative during your internship can lead to great learning experiences and career growth.


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