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ABI Profile: Apolline


is a visual artist who graduated from the University of Cambridge and she was majoring in History of Art. She did an internship in Berlin with Jeschkelanger in Summer 2020.

"I was placed with Jeschkelanger, a female artist duo based in East Berlin, and founders of an artist collective: as an intern I became part of their studio collective alongside a dozen other like-minded artists. Jeschkelanger are incredibly exciting creatives in the full sense of the word: as co-foundresses of their building material, Basis Rho, they break the boundaries of what it means to be a ‘fine artist,’ ‘designer’ or ‘architect,’ as well as welcoming their apprentices as an integral part of their practice."

"Working in close collaboration with them was nothing short of mind-expanding, with a daily discovery and shared fascination for materiality. Most of all, glass: the material defining and fusing their joint practice."

One of Apolline's projects

"As an assistant to their practice, I thus became a part of Basis Rho’s production process: we work with pigmented concrete infused with glass stones to create a neo-terrazzo building material for walls, floors, and interior design objects. This entailed hands-on workwomanship: Marie and Anja showed me how to use every machine in the studio, such as how to cut the glass shards to be embedded into their concrete tiles, or honing and packaging these sculpture-cum-objects."

Apolline's routine at work

"I was also creating research presentations for new projects. The job was so varied, other days included brainstorming clock hand designs, sculpting a form for a new clock face based off the Acantha myth, restructuring and labelling their storage spaces, picking up deliveries and materials from Modulor, liaising with metal manufacturers in German, and shipping samples of Basis Rho to potential clients. My main responsibilities throughout my time there included supporting their Instagram feed with text and image suggestions, as well as supervising the upkeep of their studio."

Photo session for the projects at Jeschkelanger

"I will look back on this internship as a turning point in my career for several reasons; the strongest of which being that it exposed me first-hand to people who will become mentors for life. Marie and Anja opened so many doors to new opportunities, for example, supporting my wish to apply for the Universitat der Kunst in Berlin, and gave me a true glimpse of what the reality of living and working as a fine artist entails.

Apolline during a work day at Jeschkelanger's studio

Thanks to the chance to work through workshop tasks initially out of my comfort zone, coupled with the fast-paced yet nurturing creative lifestyle of these artists, I feel more well-rounded as an artist, and able to contribute as a member of future collaborations. In short, I emerged with the courage to tackle any form of art-making, be it digital, or D.I.Y., the savviness of self-marketing, and the determination to achieve my dream after seeing it in the flesh. I found a sense of resourcefulness which remains in increasing demand for those pursuing a career in the art world today."

Apolline during an outing with other ABI members

"ArtBound Initiative was integral to helping me realise my potential as a fine artist. Without the help of the team, both behind and within the city scenes, I could never have dreamed of understanding how to bridge the transition between my theoretical studies in History of Art, and the practicalities of a working life in the European art world.

Apolline was very involved with the work at the Jeschkelanger studio

ArtBound introduced me to a network of remarkable people: future collaborators, mentors and friends, each inspirers in their own right, who acted as some of the greatest points of contact for advice and mutual understanding I think I will ever have the chance to come upon from an initially random online search."

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