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ABI Profile: Anson


is a colorist and filmmaker based in Hong Kong who received his BA in Communications from the The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Anson interned at Chimney Group (now Edisen) in 2019 as a Colorist Intern.

"At Chimney Group NYC as a colorist intern, I mainly worked on color-prepping advertising projects for colorist sessions. Before the internship, I studied abroad at UT Austin for a semester to practice cinematography and post-production, and this internship clicked well with my foundation of knowledge."

"ABI offered me an impeccable professional experience and placed me in the world-leading production industry here in the States. As a filmmaker specializing in cinematography, I’ve been spending time shooting different commercial and narrative projects. This internship built my sensitivity of color and light, and it gave me an insight in bringing different elements together to let the image speaks for itself."

Anson's work at Chimney Group

"It has been more demanding for filmmakers to master their knowledge in different technical aspects, and I am really happy to complete this internship to advance my knowledge in the color niche field. This is just amazing in benefiting my career prospects with skills, experience and connections."

The internship also connected me with professionals in the field and I’m now in the loop with their inspiring ideas, as they keep me updated about creative works and technologies. They are literally my exclusive information hub for professional advice.


Colorist Intern | Edisen

See Anson's work here.


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