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ABI Profile: Anja


studied Architecture and Interior Architecture at the University of Canberra in Australia. She recently interned at Mitchel Squires and Associates, an architectural design firm in Hong Kong.

"I interned in Hong Kong with Mitchel Squires and Associates, an architectural design firm. Here, I developed three projects: an art installation for Denver Airport, which reimagined the hiking trails of the great Rocky Mountains, a Club House that acted as the first threshold into a resort in Thailand, and a small one bedroom terrace house."

Mitchel Squires and Associates Office, Hong Kong

"My time with my firm was influential to my understanding of the industry. I want to support and help people through my designs. Whilst interning, I was given an insight into design practices and approaches, outside of Australia. This internship has helped me become a better designer."

"ABI really helped me focus myself in the architectural design discipline that I want to pursue further. They have helped me develop a better understanding of the industry in a way that university lacked in teaching."

"ArtBound Initiative put me in touch with many different people from varying experiences in design and art disciplines. This allowed me to tease and discuss the influences on art, design, and architecture that has helped me to shape a better understanding of design and what it means to be a designer."

See some Anja's work here:

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