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ABI Profile: Liz


is studying Media, Culture, and the Arts at The Kings College. She is currently interning at DTE Studio, a creative agency in New York.

"I currently serve as a Studio Intern at DTE Studio, a creative agency that specializes in branding, creative, and digital services to help strengthen audiences and accelerate business growth. DTE Studio has allowed me to learn insightful knowledge into how a creative agency functions."

DTE Studio Office, Midtown, New York

"My tasks vary day by day, including but not limited to researching market competition, drafting and designing newsletters, managing DTE’s network, and assisting with photoshoots at their in-house photo studio. My favorite project has been working on Masthead Magazine (DTE's digital magazine), where I've helped event plan and prepare for the release of their third upcoming issue!"

"This internship has strengthened my resume and has helped me gain valuable experience working within the creative world. I've grown professionally and intellectually, as well as grown more confident in myself through this opportunity."

"If it wasn’t for ABI, I would never have gotten my dream internship at DTE. They truly care about my career path and interests and check in periodically throughout my internship. They helped me the most by opening the door to help me pursue my career goals, and I cannot thank them enough!"

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