ABI Profile: Shadi


is filmmaker and photographer who studied media technology at SAE Institute Australia. He recently completed his internship and was hired full-time at OMSTUDIOS in Berlin.

"ABI placed me in a work environment that I really enjoy working in. An environment where I am always challenged, and am able to develop my skills and learn faster. When we get a new project we have so many issues popping up where you have to learn new software in order to fix something. It really pushes me to develop myself as an individual."

ABI Members Shadi, Amanda, and Ena in Berlin

"Having access to a network of Alumni that were involved with ABI is really beneficial because if you wake up one morning with a project idea in your head you can just message someone ‘Hey can anyone do this for an idea I just had?’ And within a day you can be put in touch with someone who can do exactly what you’re looking for. In terms of finding talent and networking to collaborate on future projects it’s really a golden opportunity."

Shadi's Cinematography Demo Reel

Shadi's work is largely focused on photography and film, while also working in VFX, and animation. He plans to continue working in the film industry and eventually start his own production studio.

See more of Shadi's work here: https://www.rozed.net

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