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ABI Alumni Updates


is a previous participant of the ArtBound Initiative (ABI) program who interned last summer in Berlin for artist Erik Schmidt. We checked in to see what she's been up to and what's next for her!

"Last year in July and August, I was part of an ArtBound Initiative internship in Berlin. I was assisting German artist Erik Schmidt. Currently, I’m volunteering at the Design Hub gallery that is connected to RMIT in Melbourne. I applied through the school and was offered a position. I saw it as an opportunity to get some gallery experience before I apply for a job in a gallery down the track. I have just been in a group show in the Collins Place gallery this May."

"ABI has been a great help for me in terms of the way I carry myself as an artist. I also have more confidence talking to people in the industry and making connections. Spending two months by myself in a city I have never been before was a great challenge, but amazing for my independence. Assisting Erik in his studio was a great way to understand all the elements of being a full-time artist. I had a great time learning on the job and picked up on a few things that I will incorporate into my practice."

"I am currently in my third year at RMIT and am finishing my degree this year! I will be heading to NYC to do internship number 2 with ABI! This time I want to experience a different city and get to know another part of the world. It will be a great way to make new connections and have more experience in my field. There is still so much to learn about how gallery spaces are run, as well as the application process artists go through to get into a gallery. As I will be a new graduate, it will be a good opportunity to learn more about the business side of being an artist."

​Intern in Berlin through the ArtBound Initiative program.

Internships available in Berlin: gallery internships, art foundations internships, artist studios internships, creative agency internships (both design and communication/marketing), film internships and more.

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