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Vanna's Story: Animation Internship in New York

This is Vanna!

She graduated from Pratt Institute in 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Arts. Vanna then landed an Animation Internship at Atlantic Pictures, a NYC-base production company.

Animation Internship

During your Animation Internship, what tasks did you undertake?

During my animation internship, I was placed in a studio in New York called Atlantic Pictures, which mainly does film, TV, and commercial production. At Atlantic Pictures, interns were responsible for helping out the producers at the company with tasks that they may have, which varied quite a bit from project to project.

My main responsibilities involved doing a lot of PA work, such as going on runs and answering calls, as well as office work, from cleaning or storage to doing research projects and spreadsheets. I also had the opportunity to specialize in my work based on my skill set; for instance, as I had experience with Adobe Suite, I was able to work as a graphic designer for one of the film’s marketing campaigns.

Animation Internship

What invaluable lesson did you experience during your internship?

This animation internship was a life-changing experience. At Atlantic, you get the opportunity to face a wide range of different tasks and situations, where no two weeks are the same. The staff there were incredibly kind and open to talking to the interns and offering guidance and insight into their own careers.

The other interns were also amazing and with diverse backgrounds, from which I learned so much. This kind of structure allowed me to discover myself and what I enjoy doing, and pick up new skills from all the people I worked with that I will carry on for the rest of my career.

Animation Internship

Courtesy: Atlantic pictures

ArtBound Initiative helped me feel more prepared for my internship and helped me gain the confidence to step into the creative professional world right after graduation.


Animation Internship | Atlantic Pictures

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