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Valentina's Story: Fashion Merchandising Internship in New York

This is Valentina!

Valentina graduated from Miami Fashion Institute (Miami Dade College) with an Associate Degree in Fashion Merchandising. She completed her Internship with the international fashion wholesale showroom, Apropo Studio. Read more about her internship journey!

Could you describe what your day-to-day looks like as an intern for Apropo Studio?

Once I got to the Apropo office, I greeted everyone and talked about how the day would look like. The assistant in charge and I would both work together on the same thing for that day. Most of the time, these tasks looked like doing inventory for the stuff we have in the showroom or samples that just arrived. If we got a package from designers we would quickly set them up for display and make sure we had all the pieces.

I utilized Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint extensively to organize various collections. Additionally, I conducted thorough research and performed comparative analyses. Furthermore, I was responsible for organizing the showroom during market days, ensuring everything appeared flawless.

One of Apropo Studio's collection: Faliero Sarti
One of Apropo Studio's collection: Faliero Sarti

What was your favorite part about your internship?

The most rewarding aspect of my internship was putting into practice and taking charge of what I had learned in fashion school. I believe that applying that knowledge was truly beneficial to me, as it allowed me to gain a better understanding of the fashion industry in practice. During market days, I particularly enjoyed observing sellers in the showroom as they interacted with purchasers; witnessing this dynamic aspect of the industry was fascinating.

Did your internship meet your expectations and how will it impact your career goals?

My internship will help me in my long-term career goals. Now, I know what I want focus on, and it was a great way to see what the buying and selling careers in the fashion industry were like.

How did ArtBound Initiative help you the most?

Artbound was the most helpful in preparing me for my internship and interviews. I used to be very nervous before interviews until Artbound helped me overcome that fear. I'm more confident in my interviews now!

The most rewarding aspect of my internship was physically doing and being in charge of what I had previously learnt in fashion school. It allowed me to gain a better understanding of the actual fashion industry!


Fashion Merchandising Internship | Apropo Studio


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