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Sophie's Story: Design Internship in Sydney

This is Sophie!

Sophie, a Visual Communications student at the University of Technology, Sydney, secured an internship at Wasamedia with ABI's assistance. This opportunity eventually led to her being hired as a Junior Designer!

Design Internship

Can you share more about your internship? What did you do, and where was it?

I had the pleasure of interning at a Boutique PR/ Marketing Agency Wasamedia in Surry Hills, Sydney. As a Visual Communications & Innovation student, I was eager to step foot into the Industry and ABI helped me get there.

My work revolved around Social Media, content creation and advertising, working for some pretty big clients like Fireball Whisky and Avani Resorts! From creating motion graphics to dark ads, my role was flexible and fun.

Design Internship

"WFH Space"

How were you able to land a permanent role within the company?

I now feel that I am a step ahead with this experience, and the mentoring helped me to create a strong platform to further delve into the professional realm. The initial coaching, especially the workshopping of my portfolio, gave me confidence in my own work and ability to present myself to professionals.

I now work as a Junior Designer at Wasamedia - where my ABI placement was- and I think that is proof in itself that it is such a valuable foothold to get into the industry.

Design Internship

Sophie with the Wasamedia team

What did ABI help you with the most?

ArtBound took the mystery and anxiety out of finding an internship. I felt safe and supported along the way and each mentoring step helped me to grow the confidence to present myself to the industry.

ABI encouraged me to always look forward. I now have a clarity & direction that I lacked before.


Design Internship | Wasamedia

See Sophie's work here.


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