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Job-Hunting: 5 Ways to use Linkedin Effectively

LinkedIn is one of the most widely-used professional social network platforms. If you are a fresh graduate, or a final-year student already preparing for job hunting, having a LinkedIn profile is mandatory, as the JobVite Recruiter Nation survey says that 87% of recruiters in companies use LinkedIn when vetting candidates during the hiring process. So if you were doubtful before of how LinkedIn can help you find a job, it’s time to get serious. Below are 5 ways on how you can use Linkedin effectively for job hunting.

1. Touch up your profile

LinkedIn has an All-Star feature – it’s basically a feature that lets you know if your profile is complete. It has seven criteria you would need to fulfill in order to achieve an All-Star status:·

  • Profile Photo

  • Experience

  • Skills

  • Summary

  • Industry & Location

  • Education

  • Connections

Based on the Linkedin blog, Linkedin members with profile pictures are 14 times more likely to receive page visits than those without. As it is a professional social networking platform, it is important to have a good photo. Get a professional photo taken if you can. Make sure that you polish and update details of your work experience. According to LinkedIn, All-Star profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities, so make sure to complete your profile as if it was your resume!

2. Update your headline

The headline is the blurb of text under your name. Many people disregard the headline and simply use the default setting, but that’s because not all really understand what it’s used for. Your name, photo and headline are the only items that show up when people do a search. If you are a fresh graduate or a junior looking to find other positions, you can use this headline to show recruiters that you’re available. Have a bit of fun and create a compelling description with SEO-friendly keywords for the headline – it might be more likely to catch a recruiter’s attention than a boring default setting will.

3. Follow your target companies

When you are job-hunting, it is very important for you to keep in touch with the trends, including the goings-on of the company you want to work for. Make a list of all your target companies. Follow their post updates – it will help you stay in the know of new job positions and their latest products.

4. Expand your network

LinkedIn is not just a hub to find jobs, it’s a place where you can network professionally with a click of a button. Your connections can exponentially increase your access and exposure to other connections. Doing a search of your school is a great way to connect with alumni who went to the same school you did. Depending on how big your network is, you may even be able to connect with recruiters of your target companies.

5. Get active!

Now that you have a LinkedIn account, it’s time to get active. Log in to the platform at least once a week. Interact with others: like your connections’ posts and articles, comment on their statuses, get involved with groups.Before going in for an interview, get actively interested in your future executive team and learn about their interests and likes on LinkedIn – it shows that you’ve done your homework and might earn you brownie points during your interview.

- Kania Putri, ArtBound Initiative Team

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