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Eliza's Internship Story: Copywriting Intern at Melbourne

This is Eliza!

She studied at Curtin University and graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Cultural Studies. Eliza progressed from her initial role as a copywriting intern to her current position as a freelance copywriter at BLANK THEORY, a digital marketing company.

Copywriting Internship

Could you tell us what it's like to work at BLANK THEORY?

As an intern content producer, my primary role within the company was copywriting. I was responsible with writing product descriptions and marketing materials for our websites and social media platforms.

Furthermore, alongside my primary responsibilities, I was assigned supplementary tasks that involved proofreading, editing, and researching tasks. It was crucial for me to closely follow the provided writing briefs and ensure that the contents that I produce accurately conveyed the brand's message.

Copywriting Internship

What kind of impact do you believe you received as a Copywriting Intern?

The internship helped me develop my writing skills in the field of digital marketing, which is a thriving industry that I had limited knowledge of beforehand. To be able to acquire skills in copywriting and content producing for social media is an invaluable skill as I move forward with my professional endeavors. In addition, I have established valuable professional connections and secured a contract-base copywriting assignments with Blank Theory.

Copywriting Internship

What did ABI help you with the most?

When I first joined the ABI program, I didn't completely understand how to equip the skills I've learned as a student into the professional world. With that being said, the program taught me how to pitch myself in person, through the application process, and online. Moreover, they helped me build a portfolio and strengthened my existing resume. After following the recommended steps for the interview, everything else fell into place.

Building a career within the creative industries had always seemed completely daunting, but ABI gave me the right tools, knowledge, as well as experience to begin my professional journey

ABI has equipped me with essential resources, different expertise, and a more hands-on experience that have prepped me on my professional journey


Copywriting Intern | BLANK THEORY

Witness Eliza's experience here!


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