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Adam's Story: Production Internship in New York

This is Adam!

With a Bachelor's degree in Digital Design from RMIT University, Adam sought to apply his academic knowledge in the real world through the ArtBound Initiative program. After finishing the program's curriculum and coaching sessions that taught him about the industry and helped him grow, he traveled all the way from Melbourne to New York for a production internship with Swell NY. Swell NY is a full-service content production and digital company designed for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands.

Production Internship

What did your day-to-day experience look like during your internship?

My daily routines were constantly changing throughout my production internship. During my first 2 months in Swell, I was assisting in talent scouting, data and spreadsheet management, as well as helping on production shoots.

In contrast, in my final 2 months, I was primarily working in post-production, such as some video editing work with Adobe Premiere Pro. This includes editing GIFs for current projects and a new showreel for Swell.

SWELL works for brands like Drunk Elephant
SWELL works for brands like Drunk Elephant

How would you describe the office environment during your internship?

The environment and atmosphere in Swell was great. My colleagues were all very friendly and warm, they always looked after the intern's well-being. They were also all very approachable if we needed assistance or clarification on a given task.

Production internship in NYC

What was one of the most memorable parts of your internship?

Personally, going on the big production shoot was my favorite aspect, and being around a big professional team was a fulfilling experience. I also enjoyed video editing as I got to enhance my skills and learn new ones.

On the other hand, for the data management work, my focus was more based around the creative side of projects. Through this, it felt good to learn the different aspects and processes of a creative agency and its projects.

I think the way ABI helped me the most would be its community and allowing like-minded individuals to connect with each other - whether through meetups or events.


Production Internship | SWELL NY


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