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ABI Profile: Susanna


graduated from the University of Nottingham where she was majoring in History. Susanna did an internship at IkonoTV in Berlin in the Summer of 2021.

"I was placed in an arts administration position at ikonoTV – a streaming platform dedicated to art, design, architecture and heritage content. ikonoTV is also branching out into a B2B business, where their art videos are shown on screens in hospital waiting rooms and other similar situations. The company is also a film producer, with their characteristic ‘slow art’ videos exploring old master artworks."

"My tasks and responsibilities in the internship were incredibly varied, from market research, to reorganizing and restructuring company databases, to writing articles. My supervisor made sure throughout the period that I had a range of tasks and longer-term projects to work on, so that I could organize myself and vary what I was working on day-to-day. This kept the internship interesting and ensured that I stayed engaged and enthusiastic throughout the period."

"All this culminated in a collaborative docu-series project between my supervisor and I, expanding ikonoTV’s role as both a streaming platform and a film producer. My supervisor made me feel as though I was on her level in the venture, listening to my ideas and involving me in every step. It felt less like a boss-employee relationship and more like a business partnership!"

Susanna with fellow ABI crew in Berlin

"This internship has already impacted my career in a meaningful way because I will be continuing to do part-time paid work for IkonoTV now that the internship is over. I could not have asked for a better outcome – joining ABI has directly led me to future employment. Furthermore, my supervisor has many connections in the art world, and as an administrative assistant, I dealt a lot with her contacts, connections and networks."

"Working for my supervisor into the future will undoubtedly allow me to continue all those connections and give me future opportunities. Lastly, I feel as though I have learned a great deal about the art world and how it operates, that I couldn’t have if I hadn’t done this internship. My supervisor was patient with me and was very happy to answer any questions I had, given that it was my first art-based position, allowing me to gain invaluable knowledge."

"ABI is incredibly well-connected, meaning they found me an internship which was perfectly tailored to my strengths and career goals. I was nervous in the interview stage, but ABI gave me the confidence I needed through giving great advice and positive reinforcement during the coaching sessions. It was a communicative, two-way relationship where they took the time to really get to know me, meaning they could find opportunities which were perfect for me."

"Without ABI, I would not know where to start finding the kind of role I wanted – they gave me a head-start which I could not have found anywhere else. Moreover, ABI are brilliant at communication. During a stressful period where my travel plans had to change due to covid-19, ABI were incredibly proactive in finding a quick solution, and helped me get to Berlin despite the difficulty."

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