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ABI Profile: Regina


is a student at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Regina is studying Media Arts. Regina then joined our program to intern at Harvestworks, New York.

For my internship, I was placed at this not-for-profit company called Harvestworks which was conceived when artists from New York came together and began working on their craft collectively.

My tasks involve assisting with art exhibits as well as the promotion of events in order to generate focus and awareness from the public. I also learned to design engaging graphics for Instagram and interesting videos that could go onto YouTube. In the midst of garnering the content needed to produce these simple and staple marketing collaterals, I had come to see that I had the content necessary to piece together something that could help the public to decipher the complicated and niche works of the artists at Harvestworks.

Collage of my day to day at Harvestworks

An important opportunity this internship has given me is that I was able to present myself as an artist alongside the established artists at Harvestworks. I was able to produce my own track and showcase it to the public. It is such an honor for me and for sure a story that I will carry with me in my career going forward.

I also met many people from the company that shares similar interests. I have always wanted to learn to compose my own music, and Harvestworks being such a music-oriented company has many talented musicians and sound technicians that come in and out of the company every day.

I wanted to make sure that each moment counted, so I became a lot more brave and thick-skinned in asking people for their contact information and the potential for future professional relationships as well as collaborations together. I absolutely want to secure any chance I had in coming back to New York for my long-term career.

With the NYC crew

I did not just cultivate social bravery, but I had developed in myself the self-confidence, acceptance and validation I was desperately craving in my first years of University. I had realised that years of wanting others to see me as talented and capable, I had failed to tell convince myself of the same. But after being able to plan a 3-month long journey across the world by myself, to work and develop a life of my own without my family and friends with me, I had to keep reminding myself of how awesome I was to have taken such a huge leap. I had proven to myself just how incredible I am, and I definitely feel a lot stronger than before, and that should demand more because I am worth a lot more.

With the NYC crew

ArtBound had helped me immensely in helping me to oversee the tedious and difficult process where I can even begin to find myself anywhere near going to New York. Not only did the company help me to secure the internship placement with their immense network of connections, but also the visa process. They also assisted in finding me a safe and convenient place to stay.

I was able to find comfort and affirmation through the extreme ups and downs. It was incredibly invaluable that I had great people surrounding me to ground me and to look out for me because I can get so easily lost in the shuffle. Now, I have so many diverse friends from literally around the world, so I will never be lost in chasing my dreams from Singapore to New York.

ABI had played an indispensable part in bridging me from Singapore to a place as competitive, yet iconic New York City. They made the impossible turned into the possible.


Design Intern | Harvestworks

See Regina's work here


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