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ABI Profile: King


holds a MA in Design Innovation & Technology at RMIT University. He did an internship at Blank Theory in Melbourne in the Fall of 2021.

I interned at Blank Theory - a digital design agency in Melbourne that specializes in branding, digital marketing, social media advertising, and video production. I undertook the position of digital designer, working closely with senior designers to produce unique creative advertising content for clients through social media platforms.

King's work

This internship helped me grasp what it was like to work in an agency setting. Moving away from total creative freedom and designing for business clientele prepared me for work in a more creative corporate world. Additionally, Blank Theory has offered me full support - from themselves as well as their wider network in order to provide me with more projects and opportunities during this pandemic.

King and his fellow colleagues at Blank Theory

ABI equipped me with all the necessary resources to launch myself into the creative workforce. They consistently support me throughout the entire process, regularly checking in on my progress. Above all, they treat me like family, which is invaluable.


Design Intern | Blank Theory

See some of King's work at


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