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ABI Profile: Jasmine


is a Film, Television and Animation student from Deakin University, Australia. She did a Summer internship at Ignition Immersive in Melbourne in 2020.

"I completed my internship at Ignition Immersive in Melbourne. They are a production studio specializing in virtual reality and augmented reality, and I spent most of my time working with the post-production crew."

"At the beginning of my internship, I was trusted with capturing behind-the-scenes footage of their live VR music performances as well as the interviews with the artists. Later, I edited this footage. I also helped edit an AR show reel for the company."

Ignition Immersive is a virtual reality production studio based in Melbourne

Ignition Immersive developed capabilities to film in ways that break conventions of standard 360/VR stationary shooting and use AR/MR to build on the viewing experience both virtually and physically.

They use these technologies to move beyond telling a specific story to the viewer, and immerse viewers into many stories using AR/MR interactions and the panoramic VR space and as their canvas.

Jasmine got to be apart of Project Redstone, one of the projects done by Ignition Immersive

"It was my first “real life” experience in the industry, so it definitely boosted my knowledge and confidence. I feel more capable in my skills than I did before. Needless to say that it has already had a positive impact on my future."

"The access that ABI gave to me for coaching sessions and the alumni network was very helpful. I am prone to doubting myself, so to have people hype you up and give you the skills you need for placement was great."

See some of Jasmine's work at

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