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ABI Profile: Dean


graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication (Majoring in Advertising with an additional study of PR, Journalism, and Media) from RMIT University. Dean then interned with Jean Doumainian Productions in New York City in the Fall of 2021.

For my internship I was working in production and development with Jean Doumanian Productions (JDP). Jean Doumanian Productions is an Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated, Tony & Olivier Award winning film, television and theatrical production company located in New York City.

During my time with JDP, I was in the office with the producing and development team. My main tasks and responsibilities included script coverage, research projects, and industry tracking. I loved participating in daily briefings and developing deep industry knowledge, language, and awareness through discussions of all current and upcoming projects.

I have gained so much out of this internship experience. Not only have I been immersed into the entertainment industry in New York, but I now feel greater confidence in all of my professional skills and talents. Being based in a production office that focuses on a plethora of projects spanning film, tv, and theatre, I now have a deep understanding of each form of entertainment, and am very excited to tailor my career in a way that can incorporate each unique element. I have been introduced to a myriad of industries, organizations, professions, and pathways that I didn’t even know existed. Whether the future of my career is artistic, administrative, or production related, this internship has allowed me to develop the essential professional skills which I will take into all future positions.

Throughout my time in New York, I have also been making valuable industry connections and friends, which I hope will have the potential to grow into future partnerships and opportunities.

Tick Tick Boom film screening

The connections that ABI has created for me are invaluable. Yes, they connected me with JDP for the internship itself, but the opportunities - both social and professional - throughout the program in New York has also been hugely helpful and important in shaping my time in the city. The support of ABI’s alumni and other current interns made the process of moving to a new city, and country, a lot less daunting and has allowed me to create genuine friendships and a community of like-minded people.


Production Intern | Jean Doumanian Production

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