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Top Creative Staffing Agencies Worldwide

If you are just starting your career and looking for junior opportunities, consider going through a recruiting agency. They can help and share with you junior and freelance positions.

While applying directly for a position from the company website may work, some companies might not be sharing all available positions and work directly with creative staffing agencies to recruit. Using a recruitment agency service to scout the best talent out there is increasingly common as companies no longer have to deal with time-consuming steps of the hiring process.

If you've never delved into recruitment agency career pages before, we’ve compiled the top agencies worldwide for you to directly browse and apply for available opportunities.

Artisan Recruitment (Australia)

Artisan Recruitment is partnering with the national creative industry and offers temporary, contract and permanent positions for job seekers. Artisan offices are available in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney; and has exclusive access to permanent positions which advertised only to their candidates.

Artisan Talent (USA)

Artisan Talent is a boutique staffing firm that continuously updates their jobs by the minute. They even suggest you to check back often for the latest opportunities for digital, creative, and marketing positions. They offer free online trainings to help you stay ahead of the latest industry trends.

Aquent (UK, USA, Australia, France, Netherlands, Japan & Canada)

Aquent focuses in creative, digital, and marketing recruitment. This agency has placed 15,300 talented individuals in different locations. They build meaningful relationships with the clients and candidates to make sure that they are able to find a perfect match for each available position.

Become (UK, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand)

Located in 4 major cities in the world, Become is a leading creative & digital recruitment agency. They provide both Permanent and Freelance/Temporary positions in design, creative, digital, PR/marketing, media and artwork industry.

Cella (USA)

Headquartered in Washington, Cella offers not only recruitment services but also consulting and in-house management services. Cella helps top-notch candidates to find their perfect roles in creative, marketing and digital industry.

Creative Circle (USA)

Striving to keep creative minds flourished, Creative Circle is one of the US top recruitment agencies. They truly take their time to get to know you and your needs so that they can find the right roles. Whether it’s temporary staff for a project or a full-time position, Creative Circle will ease you through the recruitment process with the company.

Creative Recruiters (Australia)

Giving on-going support to the industry and building a focus towards providing the best talent to businesses, Creative Recruiters offers extensive services to the candidates by guiding them throughout the job search process and making sure that they’re always paid fairly and on time.

Firebrand Talent (Australia)

Based in Sydney and Melbourne, Firebrand is specializing in digital, marketing and creative recruitment. They urge you to get in touch with them if you’re looking for a permanent job in digital marketing, PR, social media & content creation, CX, UX & Service Design, Digital & Graphic Design, or Digital Development & Production.

Kingston Stanley (UK, South Africa & UAE)

Kingston Stanley is a leading creative and technology recruitment agency. Focusing on digital, marketing and technology industry, Kingston Stanley is available in the UK, UAE and Johannesburg. They offer the largest, most updated and qualified network for job seekers.

Major Players (UK)

Claims to be the UK’s leader in digital, creative and tech recruitment, Major Players covers all types of brands and agencies. They work with a wide range of clients, from big companies to start-ups with credible backgrounds.

Peas (UK)

Specializes in design, moving image and project management, Peas is one of London's top recruiting agencies. They assist candidates in every steps of the way, from dealing with sticky situations like rates and salary payments to helping you plan your every move.

Salt (UK, USA, Australia, Hong Kong, UAE, South Africa, Europe, Singapore & Malaysia)

From Hong Kong to the other major cities in the world, Salt connects talents with businesses in Creative, Marketing, Sales, and Technology industry. They have extensive job-specific guidance that you can access to help you see your next career move.

Savvy (USA, Hong Kong & Singapore)

Founded in 2009, Savvy is well-experienced in handling recruitment process from start-ups to multinationals. They understand the changing recruitment demands in creative businesses and strive to always deliver the best for their clients and the talents.

The Talent Boom (UK, USA, South Africa & Netherlands)

The Talent Boom represents key talent across the Creative, Digital, and Advertising businesses. They partner with advertising agencies and creative departments of global brands to identify talent for their job openings.

Creative staffing agency can be a great source for your job search process. Find the perfect agency based on your industry and career goals to get more insights about available positions.

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