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ABI Profile: Wendy


is a dancer and visual artist who holds her BFA from the Victorian College of Arts (University of Melbourne). She is currently doing an internship in Berlin with two artist studios: Discoteca Flaming Star and Jeschkelanger.

"For my Berlin internship I was placed with two artist duos: Discoteca Flaming Star and Jeschkelanger, performance artists and hybrid material artists respectfully. Both companies established me as their assistant and I was delegated with tasks such as copywriting, data entry, administration, exhibition installation and deinstallation and was even given a hands-on role in assembling their products for their various clientele."

"Both companies acknowledged my desires to network in Berlin and so gave me specific tasks that put me in very close contact with people in various notable professions such as gallery managers, curators, architects, designers etc. I would identify this as one of my most valued assets gained through ABI."

Artist Studio

"As I have the intention of completing a Master’s degree in Berlin, the network that I have built with the support of my mentors will not only ensure that I have the guidance and support of other Berlin artists, but also allow me to quite efficiently build my position in the Berlin arts scene. As I have learnt so closely under the guidance of two artist duos, I will now have a deeper understanding on notions of creation, administration and exhibition."

Wendy during an ABI group outing in Berlin

"ABI has undoubtedly launched me on my artistic career as it has not only placed me so closely with contemporary artists, but also inspired within me a, “Go Get!” attitude gained through ABI's individualized coaching."

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