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ABI Profile: Dylan


is a content creator who is finishing his Bachelor's degree in Information Systems & Marketing from RMIT Australia. He recently completed his internship at ReflexGroup, a creative agency in New York.

"I was an accounts team intern for ReflexGroup New York; a creative agency that works with various luxury brands to help with activities such as marketing, packaging and events. Their clients include Ferrari, YSL and L’Oreal."

"My main tasks involved working on presentation decks for brands such as Harry Winston and Tory Burch for upcoming promotions, marketing campaigns and events. This included photo editing, creative strategy and attending photo shoots."

ReflexGroup's work

"Personally I loved photo shoots the most; seeing the behinds the scenes of how magazine and promotional shots are orchestrated was super interesting and taught me a lot."

"Having never worked in an office environment before; this taught me a lot in terms of office etiquette regarding communication, presentation and relationships firstly. Furthermore, through working with many brands and on various aspects from marketing campaigns to events to photo shoots I’ve gained invaluable experience that will help me moving forward and has expanded my skills greatly."

"I’ve always had a personal interest in fashion but this internship helped spark a professional interest in the fashion industry and taking this back home has led me on a new path moving forward."

ABI Members Vivian, Aidan, Leo & Dylan

"Living in Australia New York can feel impossible in terms of a career or a short term stay, I’ve had the goal of getting out there for several years and ArtBound helped me achieve this goal of mine which I’d say is the biggest help. However this opportunity will continue to be beneficial moving forward in terms of the connections I’ve made and the skillset I now have as a result."

Check out Dylan's YouTube account, yadiiiigg at

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