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ABI Profile: Harriet


is a visual artist born in South Korea and raised in New Zealand, Auckland. She is currently based in Paris while studying Fine Arts at Paris College of Arts. She has since completed her summer internship with Jeschkelanger, a Berlin based artist duo founded by Anja Langer and Marie Jeschke.

"I was placed with an amazing female duo, Jeschkelanger. Marie and Anja were a wonderful pair of artists to work with, such inspiring and driven people that made being in Berlin for the first time not difficult at all."

"I was assuming I would be interning for them in a way we see in movies; getting coffee, making phone calls and answering emails which I was totally okay with. However, they included me in every process they were going through, all the projects they were participating in, and eventually collaborated with me as an artist to artist, which led us all to be participating in the Venice Biennale. As a student still studying the arts, they had opened a huge door for me."

Jeschkelanger Studio Berlin

"I believe in connections people share with each other. Experiences and hardships that bring people together, which makes for a strong connection. This is what I got out of my internship, the people, the place and the experience that will further my career in a way I would have never imagined.

Jeschkelanger Installation Progress at the Venice Biennale

"People make each other stronger, and people bring each other together; Marie and Anja taught me that and that is what I will be bringing to the table in the future."

ABI Members Bailey, Rose & Harriet

"The hardest thing for students and recent graduates in the art world is to find their own way into it. Without the help of someone, it is a very difficult place to put yourself into, and through ArtBound I found my way to Marie and Anja which led me to many different places and people."

ABI Berlin Crew: Rose, Ena, Bailey, Jordan, Dion, Harriet & Jana

"The program connects you in a way that you would never imagine. Two months ago, I had no idea I would be participating in one of the world's most well known Biennale; through meeting Jeschkelanger and through ArtBound I was able to achieve this, which makes me eternally grateful."

See some of Harriet's work at

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ArtBound Initiative is a global internship program in the creative industry. We offer internships in art, architecture, design, film, tv, theater, fashion, communication, marketing and more. We offer internships abroad in 4 locations: New York, London, Berlin and Hong Kong. Read more about our internship program at

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