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Essential Visual Design Resources for Students

Looking to dive into the world of visual design and boost your career? We've compiled a variety of online resources to help you. From job boards connecting creatives with top companies to organizations promoting design excellence, and even cultural resources for artistic inspiration, these visual design resources might be just what you need to kickstart your visual design career.

Visual Design Resources


Career or Job Boards

The Creative Group (Robert Half)

Focuses on linking job openings at excellent companies with talented individuals in creative, digital, marketing, advertising, and public relations fields.

A company that offers recruiting and consulting services in expertise areas, such as digital marketing, creative staffing, managed services, and the development of in-house studios.

A job board covering a myriad of creative roles, from PR and marketing to fine arts and film.

An Adobe-owned social media platform primarily dedicated to showcasing and discovering the latest work from top online portfolios by creative professionals across various industries.

Visual Design Resources

The Design Kids

Websites and Cultural Resources

An international online resource and local in-person communities worldwide, serving thousands of student and recent graduate graphic designers.

An online designer's platform where artists and designers can both seek employment and hire other designers, serving as an inspiration for numerous creative individuals to effortlessly cultivate and exhibit their professionalism.

An organization for art directors that promotes their work through exhibitions and awards, including the annual DESI award for design excellence.

A nonprofit international art magazine founded in 2011 to provide a venue for critical and scholarly writing about artists.

To get print publications showcasing exceptional design, advertising, illustration, photography, and interactive.

To get graphic design inspiration, blogs, business, and career advice.

Visual Design Resources

Watch some of the design resources our past participants have compiled and shared!

By utilizing these visual design resources you can find online, you're preparing yourself for exciting opportunities in advertising firms, creative agencies, marketing, PR, and more where you put your design skills to the test.

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Visual Design Resources

Watch some of the design resources our past participants have compiled and shared!


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