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Theresa's Story: Account Management Internship in New York

This is Theresa!

Theresa did an international internship in New York with Reflexgroup, a New York City-based boutique creative agency with notable clients such as YSL and Origins. Traveling from Australia to New York, Theresa found that she gained so many valuable skills that will be beneficial for her career path!

Video Editing Internship

Could you describe what your day-to-day as an account management intern looks like?

My daily tasks as an account management intern involve sorting out emails and contacting vendors for campaigns. I was responsible for the weekly trend works and news updates on each of Reflex's clients, including Hublot and KMS Hair!

Towards the middle of my 6-month internship, I ended up working on a lot of designing jobs e.g. editing photos and coming up with ideas for new campaigns for Hublot.

Theresa with fellow ABI Interns, Joaquin and Jeremy
Theresa with fellow ABI Interns, Joaquin and Jeremy

How do you think this account management internship will impact your career?

I've learned some valuable skills that will help me in a lot of ways both through account management and design. I got to see how organized you have to be from the very early stages of the campaign as well as gaining a new perspective on what could work creatively. I also gained on my people and social skills by dealing with clients, photographers, and hair & makeup crews during photoshoots!

Works from Reflexgroup
Works from Reflexgroup

How did ArtBound Initiative help you the most?

Artbound was very helpful with setting up my internship through their portfolio and resume coaching, as well as helping me understand what type of visa I need and what I need to prepare before I go for my internship abroad!

Theresa and fellow ABI Interns Joaquin, Jeremy
Theresa and fellow ABI Interns Joaquin, Jeremy

ABI helped me get my foot in the door of the creative industry. They prepared me with everything I needed to make sure I am set for my internship.


Account Management Internship | Reflexgroup


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