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The Art of Networking: Where to Find the Right Connections

In the creative industry, making meaningful connections with professionals is crucial. Knowing where to find the right people is key to successful networking. Here are the top places to make those important connections.




Prioritize professors, mentors, teachers, or any faculty member as they make excellent networking mentors. Reach out to them and use online resources to learn about their networking backgrounds and experiences that align with your interests. Try to set up one-on-one networking meetings with your professors to learn more about their networking journey and potentially get connected to the right alumni.


The alumni network serves a networking purpose, fostering a sense of familial connection among individuals who shared the same educational institution, department, or academic program.

Note: Utilize LinkedIn to connect with alumni. Messaging them is a good choice, but remember to mention your alma mater. It boosts the chances of getting a response when you reach out.


Don’t underestimate your friend groups as a powerful networking resource, especially those from your school or university in your industry of interest. These connections can lead to potential partnerships and valuable projects.



Staying connected with former colleagues is valuable for networking. They've seen your work and know your capabilities. If you've made a good impression, they might vouch for you, which could lead to networking job offers, potential collaborations, or other exciting opportunities. Be genuine in your networking approach and prepare thoughtful questions to make the most of these conversations.


Engage in industry-specific online networking communities, associations, and organizations to connect with like-minded networking professionals and contribute valuable insights. Take this opportunity to chat with new people; unexpected connections can lead to amazing networking opportunities.



It would be beneficial to explore organizations that provide potential networking opportunities and consider how you can align yourself with them to expand your industry connections.

Example: The One Club for Creativity, a collective in advertising. By joining communities like these, you are able to gain access to tons of professionals within the right industry


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