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Maria's Story: Graphic Design Internship in New York

This is Maria!

Maria pursued her degree in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising & Graphic Design at UNITEC. She then decided to intern in New York with the production company SWELL, marking the start of her professional journey in crafting impactful visual stories.

What did your day-to-day as a Graphic Design Intern look like?

Usually, my day started with a small chat with my supervisor to see how I was doing with the tasks assigned. Once I have worked on a task, I send updates and wait for feedback until it is good to post or approved by the team.

My tasks during the internship can be summarized by updating Swell’s social media (Instagram) with their recent projects (post layout proposal), designing Swell’s newsletter based on the recent projects, conducting talent research for new projects, performing masking exercises in Photoshop to assist with client mockups, and assisting with production needs (organization and preparation).

SWELL does a lot of Commercial, Stills, and Product photoshoots

In addition, the work atmosphere was nice, the team was welcoming and open to help if I ever had trouble with an assignment. They always made sure I was comfortable with my tasks and tried to include us in as many projects as possible. They gave us breaks during the day. Overall it was a really good experience.

What was one of your favorite parts about your internship?

I got to be part of a big production for a client and learned a lot about the creative processes, the team was very helpful in this, and I got to help with their social media, and did some publications on SWELL's social platforms.

One of SWELL's clients: Drunk Elephant

In what ways has this experience affected your career?

The experience did meet my expectations. It would help me in my professional goals because they introduced me to how the industry works and helped me realize in what field I would like to work in the future.

Maria with fellow ABI Interns in New York City

ABI helped me gain the knowledge and confidence on how to present myself in a professional environment. On top of that, the coaching sessions were really helpful!


Graphic Design Internship | SWELL


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