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Jessica's Story: Design Internship in New York

This is Jessica!

Jessica, a marketing and communications student at Earlham College, ventured into new areas of interest and secured a design internship at Factory PR, a prominent New York-based communications agency that specializes in the intersection of style and technology.

Design Internship

What was your Design Internship like?

My design internship was incredible! I spent the entire summer at Factory PR, and during this period, I experienced significant professional growth. I now have complete confidence in my abilities to enter the workforce and excel.

The team I worked with primarily focused on digital communication between brands and influencers, among other tasks. I monitored influencer activity on active campaigns, prepared end-of-month reports and insights, and uploaded content to the company drive. Additionally, I often assisted with influencer placements and send-outs.

Design Internship

Some of Factory PR's clients

In what ways do you believe this internship has influenced your career?

As this was my first internship, I had the opportunity to see, with fresh eyes, what it's like to work from 9 to 6 for five days a week. It helped me develop time management and communication skills. Most importantly, I learned about digital communication and marketing software and techniques. I was also fortunate to be placed at a company that specifically focused on providing their interns with the best possible experience, getting to know the company and industry through a 7-week intern program.

Design Internship

How did ArtBound Initiative help you during your internship?

I wouldn't have been as mentally and emotionally prepared as I am today without ArtBound. The program allowed me to learn about the creative industry and connect with many people. It truly opened doors for me! I would also like to highlight the constant kindness and support I've received from my ArtBound family.

I was truly fortunate to work with an incredibly talented and successful team that guided me through the inner workings of the communication industry.

Design Internship


Design Internship | Factory PR


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ArtBound Initiative is a fee-based global internship program for creatives. We prepare students for their careers through an online coaching curriculum and by helping them secure an internship in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Berlin, Melbourne, and Sydney. With an expansive network of leading creative companies, our program provides access to creative industries that are notoriously insular.

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