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Intern this Summer in Los Angeles

Plan ahead and secure your internship this Summer!

New Year, New Destination: Los Angeles! ArtBound Initaitive now offers internships in Los Angeles - the entertainment capital of the world. Apply now and intern with top creative companies this Summer!

Destinations for Summer Internships 2022

New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Melbourne, Sydney and Hong Kong.

Timing for Summer Internships 2022

8 to 14 weeks from May 2022

Internships Available for Summer 2022

  • Design Internship

  • Art Internship

  • Marketing Internship

  • Social Media Internship

  • Film & TV Internship

  • Fashion Internship

  • Architecture Internship

  • Public Relations Internship

  • Editorial Internship

  • Creative Writing Internship

  • Interior Design Internship

  • VFX Internship

  • Music Internship

  • Photography Internship

  • Fine Arts Internship

  • Arts Administration Internship

  • Curations & Exhibition Internship

Companies we work with for Summer 2022 Internships

  • Creative & Design agencies: TBWA, McCann, Spring Studios, Swell, Matte Projects, DTE Studio, Reflexgroup...

  • Online Platforms & Magazines: Hypebeast, Arnet, Art Asia Pacific, Sleek Mag, Flaneur Mag...

  • TV & Film Companies: CBS, The STUDIO NYC, United Talent Agency, Moxie Pictures, Ataboy Studios...

  • Art Organizations: Pace Gallery, Scope Art Show, Petzel...

  • Artist Studios: Tomas Saraceno, Urban Glass, Seliger Studio,Wolfgang Stiller, John Miller...

Summer internships are one of our most competitive terms, due to the larger applicant pool. If you’re applying to intern abroad this Summer, make sure to get a head start and apply now!



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