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Intern abroad this Summer

It's finally happening...

Our International Summer program is very competitive as spots are limited. You have only 3 weeks left to submit your Summer 2022 internship application.

Destinations Available for International Summer Internships 2022

New York, Berlin, Melbourne, Sydney and Hong Kong.

Timing for Summer Internships 2022

8 to 14 weeks from May 2022

Internships Available for Summer 2022

  • Design Internship

  • Art Internship

  • Marketing Internship

  • Social Media Internship

  • Film & TV Internship

  • Fashion Internship

  • Public Relations Internship

  • Editorial Internship

  • Creative Writing Internship

  • VFX Internship

  • Music Internship

  • Photography Internship

  • Fine Arts Internship

  • Arts Administration Internship

  • Curations & Exhibition Internship

  • Animation Internship

  • Motion Design Internship

  • Compositing Internship

  • Modelling Internship

  • 3D Modelling Internship

Partner companies we work with for Summer 2022 Internships

  • Creative & Design agencies: TBWA, McCann, Spring Studios, Swell, Matte Projects, DTE Studio, Reflexgroup...

  • Online Platforms & Magazines: Hypebeast, Art Asia Pacific, Sleek Mag, Flaneur Mag...

  • TV & Film Companies: CBS, The STUDIO NYC, United Talent Agency, Moxie Pictures, Ataboy Studios...

  • Art Organizations: Pace Gallery, Scope Art Show, Hong Kong Contemporary Art Foundation, Petzel...

  • Performing Arts: The Public Theater, New York Musical Theater Festival, Hudson Theater...

  • Artist Studios: Tomas Saraceno, Urban Glass,Wolfgang Stiller, John Miller...


Apply now for a Summer 2022 International internship!

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